With 82% Vaccinated, most New Cases are the Delta Variant – And There’s No Delta Specific Vaccine (Yet)

COVID-19 Delta variant

by John Brian Shannon

August 10, 2021

Officials in British Columbia, Canada are admitting that 82 per cent of BC residents over age 12 vaccinated with one COVID-19 vaccination (and 70.3 per cent having received two jabs) most new COVID cases admitted to the province’s hospitals in recent days have been the newer, more dangerous, and more easily transmissible Delta variant of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

As yet, there’s no vaccine that’s been approved anywhere to specifically combat the more dangerous Delta variant.

In BC (which is a great place to track coronavirus due to the plethora of information released by the Public Health Officer for British Columbia, Dr. Bonnie Henry) new COVID-19 cases are rising, especially in the province’s interior.

Over the past three days, 1079 new cases have been reported in BC with more than half of those occurring in the Interior Health Region. The majority of these patients are otherwise healthy people in the 20-40 year old age group, and most of them have had one COVID-19 vaccination or more.

Some have had one or two Moderna vaccinations (both the initial vax and the second ‘booster’ vaccination) others have had the AstraZeneca single dose jab, while others have had the Pfizer vaccination (both the initial vax and the second ‘booster’ vaccination).

Yet others have mixed and matched their vaccination brand/type either for convenience, or because they thought that by having an initial dose of one vaccine brand/type, followed by a different brand/type as a ‘booster shot’ that they might obtain some kind of synergistic immunity to the original COVID-19 and later variants.

I think that’s a good idea — but only because there’s more than one strain of COVID-19 making the rounds. Mixing and matching might offer a broader level of protection across coronavirus variants.

However, it looks like the COVID-19 Delta variant is beyond the ability of the vaccines presently available because fully vaccinated people are still ending up in hospital with the Delta coronavirus variant. Early studies in the UK and the USA seem to bear this out. But the data is still forming — we’ll know more in 90-days.


Just when we were going to finally get rid of those stupid (and potentially life saving) masks, it may be even more important to wear them now than at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Facepalm!

My advice:

If you feel you need to wear a mask (anywhere!) then wear that mask and don’t listen to the naysayers.

And if you are in a place where you feel safe, decide for yourself whether you want to wear a mask.

If you feel the need to continue working from home, then do it! You might be saving yourself from an even worse pathogen than the novel coronavirus that surfaced in 2019.

And if you don’t want to wear a mask in public, but a sign on the door requests you to wear a mask, please do. It’s not a big sacrifice and the life you save might be your own.

At least be Canadian and be polite about it.

The people in the shops don’t make the rules — the Provincial Health Officer, aided by a huge organization that is dedicated to getting it right every day of the year, along with volumes of statistics pouring-in from the province’s hospitals and Doctors, are trying to protect us from a horrific illness that is getting stronger with every variant.

Remember to: Be Kind. Be Calm. Be Safe.

I wish you and your family, good health.


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